weeLove: The Simple Way to Shop with a Baby


A Safe Supermarket Space Saver

Hands-Free Shopping with LullaBelay

We know what you’re thinking…  that looks like a really strange way to shop. But hear us out: this one-of-a-kind grocery store essential is awesome and most importantly, safe.

The LullaBelay securely straps your infant carrier to the front of a shopping cart (not the handle!), keeping the entire basket free for all the stuff you need to buy. There’s no need to worry about unsteadily traversing through the aisles. Independently tested by a licensed and accredited Consumer Product Safety Commission safety lab, it meets CPSC/CPSIA safety requirements. LullaBelay’s unique design and attachment point just above the wheelbase of the cart makes it stable and prevents tipping. And if you have your toddler in the cart’s front seat, neither kiddo will be bothered by their shopping companion. It comes with a zippered mesh cover for easy pacifier retrieval and a small storage bag.

Thanks to this genius on-the-go system, there’s no need to wake a sleeping baby to transport them from the car to the store or hog up the cart with their carrier. You can even use two LullaBelays for multiples. Heads up: the only thing that will get in the way of your shopping experience is all the people that will want to know where to get one too.

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  1. Laura says:

    I’ve used it and I loved it! I really did have many people ask me where I got it. I only wish I would have had something like this for my other children when they were infants!

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