weeLove: A Digital Audio Monitor… and Then Some


A Naptime and Nighttime Essential


A way to ease your little one to sleep while knowing what’s up (or not up, if all goes well!) from outside the nursery can be hard to come by. But thanks to VTech’s new Safe&Sound® Digital Audio Baby Monitor , you get the power to comfort and check in—all in one neat little package.

This digital audio monitor combines tried-and-true soothers like a gentle lullaby and soft light show with a crystal-clear connection, giving you must-have features, and then some! A two-way, talk-back intercom has 1,000 feet of range, which means you can calm your cutie long after you tiptoe away from the crib. Plus, the handy clip hooks the monitor to your clothes, so it goes everywhere you do. The parent unit features a backlit display, vibrating sound-alert, and 5-level sound indicator that lets you turn the volume down without missing when there’s a peep. Best of all, back in the nursery, baby will love the glow-on-ceiling night light as it turns their space into a peaceful moon-and-stars-scape, complete with gentle sounds to really set the scene.

Even better for you, your monitor is protected against annoying interference and eavesdropping by DECT 6.0 technology. So there’s no worrying that the minute you close the door, that tiny speaker will start blasting a mix of static, top 100 hits, and the local police scanner. Not exactly the lullaby your baby needs!

If you’re looking for a way to soothe your little one without cramming the nursery—or your weekend bag—full of gadgets, you can count on the VTech Safe&Sound® Digital Audio Baby Monitor to keep your babe safe, sound and snoozing.


This post was sponsored by VTech.  

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