weeLove: The Junobie WASHA


Portable Breast Pump & Bottle Sanitizing Pod

To clean or not to clean? That won’t ever be the question… thanks to the Junobie WASHA. This portable, battery-operated breast pump and bottle sanitizing pod makes it simple to wash pump parts and bottles when you’re not at home. (“Scrubbing flanges in a public restroom sink is amazing!” said no one ever!) Portable, lightweight, and collapsible, it fits in your bag for on-the-go cleaning anywhere—the office, outdoor activities, airports, and even in the car. 

Here’s how it works: Add warm water from a thermos and your soap of choice to the WASHA. Sit back, chill, and let the deep cleaning begin. Forward and backward cleaning rotation with high frequency vibration cavitation breaks apart dirt, grease, and oil from pump accessories and bottles—no pre-soaking required!

This tiny but mighty pod does the hard work for you, sanitizing feeding gear in under five minutes. Using the WASHA reduces the risk of bacteria growth, giving you peace of mind that all those pieces are appropriately cleaned. The best part: you don’t have to scrub a thing!

When you’re a busy parent… letting a pod handle a time-consuming task is like taking a mini vacation (minus the tropical drink with umbrella).

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  1. RK says:

    Baby Brezza used to make a similar product, but as soon as I discovered it, it seemed to be pulled from the market (don’t know why). Really excited to try this out, as the one thing that I find the hardest about pumping is the washing…

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