weeLove: The First 3D Knit Swaddle

Get Snug in a Swaddelini

Best. Sleep. Ever.

The words “swaddle” and “easy” don’t usually go hand in hand. For many new parents, figuring out this baby blanket can be a tricky experience…

# 1) You have to know how to swaddle, which is especially hard at 3am.
# 2) Your baby has to like it. (The “burrito” wrap isn’t for everyone!)
# 3) If you have a tiny Houdini, all bets are off…

With all of these challenges in mind, mom/inventor Liz Hilton came up with a swaddle solution that’s soft, stretchy, safe, breathable, and drum roll please: escape-proof. A 3D knitting expert, Hilton developed the Swaddelini. Inspired by her work creating compression garments for children with lymphedema and cerebral palsy, the Swaddelini uses Hug Technology® to provide light compression therapy around the chest that gives the soothing sensation of being hugged. 

Made with a 3D knitting machine (how cool is that?), the Swaddelini delivers the security of a swaddle, without restricting your baby’s movement. Simply pull it on like a sock! Little arms fit easily into the “arm tubes” to keep babies from scratching their faces or waking up startled by the moro reflex. Bonus: you can change your kiddo’s diaper without taking the Swaddelini off—just open the bottom. Tested by world class 3rd party textile safety laboratories, rest assured that your baby is safe and snug. 

Available in multiple sizes and colors, your baby will love their swaddle, and you’ll love how easy it is to use (not to mention all that great sleep you’ll all get!).

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