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Free (important) stuff for new moms: lactation support!

This isn’t exactly new news, but most of the people we know are still unaware that: As of August 1, 2012, health insurance companies must cover breastfeeding support and supplies. Yes, you read that right!  The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to provide—at no cost—“comprehensive lactation support and counseling, by...


It’s footmuff season!

We don’t know about you, but we have a lot of wistful fantasy moments, wherein we imagine how awesome life would be as a baby.   They usually involve sleeping. Baby puts his head down on his highchair tray during dinner and goes to sleep?   I wish I could sleep whenever...

newborn baby

Newborn Week!

This series of posts from the Daily Show’s Samantha Bee on Babble are on our short list of favorite new-parent reading.  We wish more public figures took this attitude: We know a lot of people who have or are about to have newborns in their lives, and consider it our...

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It’s almost Halloween!

Time to dress your baby up as your favorite foodstuff.  It feels like the options are limitless… Spicy?  Nutty?  Turkey?  Tweet us your favorites to @wee_spring.

sophie the giraffe

So what’s the deal with Sophie the Giraffe?

We don’t really know either, but you can bet we own one.  Some fun facts: In 2010, Vulli sold 816,000 Sophie la Girafes in France.  Only 796,000 babies were born that year. Sophie made her American debut in Three Men and a Baby, when Tom Selleck’s character buys one from...


Introducing… weeSpring.

When weeSpring (beta) launches this winter, about nine months will have passed since we started building a platform to simplify how new and expecting parents choose baby gear.   Nine months!  That can’t be a coincidence. That kind of thinking—everything in terms of babies and pregnancy and parenting—is a big part...