weeLove: Custom Diapers Bags with a Cause

Better Life Bags

Made-to-Order with a Mission

Chances are, your trusty diaper bag goes everywhere with you these days. And since it’s always glued to your side, you might as well buy one you actually love—a bag you’d take out on the town even without your kiddo.

Better Life Bags, a custom handbag company based in Detroit, has an amazing collection of bags you get to design on their website. From the color of the 100% genuine leather to the hardware, fabric patterns to the interior lining and even how many interior pockets it has, it’s simple to style a head-turning bag that doesn’t scream, “There are Boogie Wipes and diaper rash cream in here!”

What we especially love about this company is that their mission is to hire women who have various barriers to employment to make their custom leather and fabric bags. Each bag is hand cut and hand sewn by women from under resourced neighborhoods, giving them a chance to learn new skills and make money to support their families. Your bag will come with the name of the woman who made your bag—bringing the personal connection straight to your doorstep.

As the company says, it’s custom with a cause (one we can certainly get behind!).

While these custom bags are a splurge, they’ll last long after your kids are out of diapers. Yep, we know it’s hard to believe that therewill come a day when you’re not changing a blowout in a supermarket bathroom.

PS: There’s a Ready to Ship section on their site if you don’t have time to design your own bag (ie: baby’s due next week and you need one ASAP!).


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