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Motivated as a Mother

Live Your Purpose with Luscious Mother

As a mom, you’ve got a lot on your plate, including the dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets your kiddo didn’t eat. And juggling ALL THE THINGS—amidst a pandemic—makes that plate feel like a zillion pound moving sphere that definitely doesn’t fit in the dishwasher and is on the verge of breaking. #serenitynow

But here’s the plus side: all of your multitasking, creativity, resourcefulness, quick thinking, remote (everything) supervising, and general wizardry translates to a set of incredible skills that serve you in motherhood and your career. Luscious Mother, a coaching company for moms, is here to help you hone in on what’s next in your professional life. Their awesome coaching and courses cover everything from handling mom guilt to communicating boundaries to returning to work in person (although no one seems to miss “real” pants).

Luscious Mother just announced that as part of Meghan Markle’s 40×40 mentorship initiative in honor of her 40th birthday, they will be giving away 40, 40-minute coaching sessions to women who need support re-entering the workplace. Considering the COVID-19 childcare crisis forced nearly 2 million U.S. women out of the workforce over the past year and a half, this comes at a perfect time.

When awesome women come together to rally behind each other, amazing things happen. You in? 


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