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A Baby Bottle Savior

HEVEA 2-in-1 Glass Bottle and Cover

Glass bottles do a lot of good (for babies and the earth!). But dropping one? That’s not so good. Problem solved thanks to the HEVEA Upcycled 2-in-1 Glass Bottle with Star Ball Cover. This pure borosilicate glass bottle comes equipped with a surrounding rubber ball that does double duty as a breakage preventer and super fun thing to grab. Perfect for tiny (and often slippery!) fingers, it bounces when dropped. The bottle stays intact and you stay sane. Ahhh, the little things… 

Another cool perk is that the star ball is made of upcycled rubber—all the leftovers from the brand’s natural rubber production. Instead of tossing unused material, the “waste” gets a new life as your baby’s beloved bottle protector. Free from plastic, silicone, and similar petroleum based substances, you’ll have peace of mind that it’s safe, healthy, and sustainable. 

Bottom line: Ball + Bottle = happy babies (and parents)!


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