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MaxiCosi Magellan 

The Only Car Seat You’ll Ever Need

Parenting is all about navigating new phases. Just when you get used to something, it changes. Here’s one constant you can rely on, even as your kiddo grows…

The MaxiCosi Magellan 5-in-1 Convertible Car Seat can be used from birth to elementary school. So the same car seat that carries around your itty bitty baby will tote your 10 year old to soccer practice. It’s designed to be used five ways: baby rear-facing, toddler rear-facing, toddler front-facing, child front-facing, and booster. Better yet, converting it from one position to another won’t make you break a sweat (or scare the neighbors). Parents find it very intuitive to update the seating situation.

Some of the features we love: a 14-position headrest that automatically raises the harness height, adjustable side impact protection (built into the headrest!), seven seat recline options, and premium self-wicking fabric that is machine washable… because children. There’s a “Max” version (at a bit of a higher price point) that includes a self-locking magnetic chest clip, “spring assisted” shoulder straps (no more wrestling with the harness to get your kiddo out!), and a spring forward buckle for easy access. Keep in mind: since this is a convertible seat, it can’t be moved out of a base and onto a stroller like traditional infant carriers.

So as you navigate the first decade of parenthood and navigate the road…the Magellan will always be there.


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