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Yesterday was Demo Day for weeSpring and the other startups in our TechStars class. For those unfamiliar, Demo Day is essentially a HUGE presentation to media and investors that culminates the TechStars program. Now a day removed, it seems like yet another blip in the whirlwind of start up life. But, for the past three-months, we worked days, nights, and weekends to prepare our selves, our product, and our business for this momentous occasion.


Months of hard work went into perfecting our pitches, products, and business plans. And then, all of a sudden, it’s over. Today we said farewell to many of our colleagues, as it was the last day of the TechStars NYC 2013 program.  After spending 12 weeks sharing an office with ten other amazing companies, the bittersweet emotions begin to set in. What do we do next? How do we maintain the tremendous momentum that we’ve accumulated? And how do we proceed without our fearless leader (@nglaros), without our friends, colleagues, and the amazing TechStars staff that has supported and mentored us for the past three months?

TechStars is, in so many ways, like sleepaway camp for startups. It is an intense environment that creates an incredibly unique sense of camaraderie among those who have “been through it.” It’s one of those things that you “just don’t get” unless you too have experienced it. If you went to camp, or if your kids go to camp, you certainly understand this feeling. TechStars has shaped our products and business plans. It has guided us from idea to beta, and from limited launch to open launch, in a period that was simultaneously the longest and shortest three months of our lives. For weeSpring specifically, TechStars gave us resources and focus to help redesign our site, launch our mobile-friendly platform, and initiate our partnership strategy.

TechStars has helped develop our companies in the same ways that being away from home for a month or two can shape a child’s persona. In both situations, you’re put in a new environment and forced to grow up a bit. You make great friends, learn new things, and hopefully come out feeling not only more confident, but also ready to conquer the world.

So, to our fellow TechStars classmates – TriggerMailFaithStreet, Javelin, AdYapper, Klooff, Jukely, Dash, Plated, SketchFab, and Placemeter – let’s conquer the world. To our wonderful community of users, friends, and mentors – thank you for your support, patience, and most importantly, for continuing to spread the word about weeSpring. And don’t worry, the end of TechStars is just the beginning for weeSpring, as just like a baby, we’re going to change everything for parents.


TechStars NYC 2013 Class:image

Our fearless leader, Nicole Glaros, making opening remarks: 


Carley Roney, Co-Founder of XO Group, introducing weeSpring: 


Our CEO, Ally Downey, on stage rocking the weeSpring pitch:


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