weeLove: When Should You Talk to Your Kids About Racism?

A Bookshelf Essential

A Kids Book About Racism

Spoiler:  It’s never too early.

Research even shows that babies as young as three months-old are able to differentiate race (Yep, really!), so starting sooner rather than later can actually have a marked impact. And as such, now more than ever, many parents may be asking themselves:

  • How can I start teaching my children about race?
  • What will they understand?
  • And what do I say that’ll actually make sense?

A Kids Book About Racism, by Jelani Memory, equips parents with the words (literally) to have an open, honest, and age-appropriate discussion about racism with young kids. This book thoughtfully explains what racism is, the many ways it shows up in our lives, and how it makes people feel, in language little ones will understand. Jelani writes about skin color, his own experience as black father raising kids in a blended family, and why it’s important to celebrate our differences.

This book is a great way to start the conversation about race, prompt curious kiddos to ask questions, and shape important beliefs and attitudes as they grow.

We also want to acknowledge that we here at weeSpring don’t have all the answers, but are committed to learning from others who may have additional resources that they’re using to help raise anti-racist kids (as well as opportunities to better educate ourselves about systemic racism and how to be a better ally).

As such, we will be continuing to share information, amplify marginalized voices, and listen and learn about how we can better lend our support. If you have any thoughts or resources you’d like to share, please send us a note. We promise to read them all.


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