weeLove: No Hassle Baby Proofing (Seriously)


Safe, Stylish Products from Rhoost


Remember the good old days when cabinets, cords, and corners didn’t send you into a total panic? Then your baby decided all of those things would be their most favorite sources of entertainment. So, how do you make danger zones safe without duct taping pillows all over your entire house?

We’re huge fans of Rhoost, whose modern baby proofing products are safe for your babies, the environment, and your furniture. No tools, screws, or adhesives are necessary, which makes the process way less stressful for new parents.

Plus, their products  blend into home décor — unlike the life-sized Elmo. (Hey, ya can’t win ’em all.) If you’re gearing up to babyproof, check out their blind cord winders, cabinet closures, finger guards for door hinges, outlet covers, and table corner guards. Bring a set over to grandma’s house or on vacation, since there’s nothing to actually install.

Easy for parents. Hard for babies. (Just like nap time.)


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