weeLove: How to Travel Light (Even With Kids)

Mom with baby receiving stroller from Babierge

Rent Baby Essentials

Less Baggage with Babyquip

Nothing squashes your vacation spirit quite like lugging bulky baby gear through a crowded airport… and having to pay big bucks to check it as extra baggage. Cue the collective “ugh.”

Luckily, you can pack light(er), thanks to Babyquip, a baby gear rental service in over 100 cities throughout the US and Canada. Simply visit their website to look up your destination to connect with one of their local Trusted Partners. They’ll deliver, set up, and pick up clean, quality gear—everything from full-size cribs to strollers, toys to car seats, and more. You also get to choose where it’s most convenient to meet (like the airport, a hotel, or your mother-in-law’s house).

On the flip side, parents themselves can become Trusted Partners with Babyquip and make some extra cash by renting and delivering baby gear you already own to out-of-towners. It’s not a franchise—you get to set your own rental prices, delivery locations and fees. Think of it like an Airbnb but for baby stuff!

Traveling with little ones isn’t always easy. Thanks to Babyquip, you can lighten up (in more ways than one!).



Mom traveling with kids


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