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Easy Cleaning for Hard Floors


You might be wondering why we’re writing a love letter to a robot floor cleaner, since it isn’t technically a baby product. But if you have a little one, this is a gadget you need to know about.

The last thing you want (or have time) to do is clean your floors. But between the dust bunnies, crumbs, and foot/crawl traffic, someone’s gotta do it. Or shall we say, something’s gotta do it. Give the humans in your house a much-needed chore reprieve with the iRobot Braava 320 Floor Mopping Robot. This compact, futuristic floor cleaner keeps your dirt and dust situation under control, which is especially important if you have a crawling tot. Just attach a re-usable or disposable cleaning cloth (wet or dry), place Braava on your hard wood floor, and let it sweep or mop the mess away.

Braava uses a navigation system that works like an indoor GPS, methodically cleaning around furniture, rugs, and along the room’s perimeter. It even tracks where Braava has cleaned and where it still needs to go, so you can be sure your entire floor is thoroughly covered. You’ll be obsessed and so will your kiddo (who’d think that a cleaning session could be so mesmerizing?).

Braava can’t give you a foot rub, but it can give you the chance to put your tired feet up while your floors get cleaned. That’s a pretty close second in our book.

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