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We’re Mad About Mad Mattr 


Play dough can be a real catch-22 for parents. On one hand, it keeps your tot busy for hours. On the other hand, it leaves you with hours of cleanup. (How do all those tiny pieces get burrowed into every single carpet crevice?) And the other downfall? It dries out faster than you can can say, “I’m never buying this again.”
Good news. There’s a new modeling dough on the scene that’s soft, stretchy, squishy, moldable, non-sticky, and non-toxic. Mad Mattr flows easily (similar to Kinetic Sand), yet holds a firm shape until pulled apart. Your kids will be mesmerized as they morph it from an airy puddle to firm blocks, and a zillion other fun forms. Plus, it’s gluten- and caseinfree, which is great for little ones with allergies.
Since Mad Mattr never dries out and won’t destroy your house, the next time your tot wants to unleash some creativity, you can just go with the flow.

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