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Little Pouch, Big Relief 


From clogged ducts to mastitis, sore nipples to engorgement… discomfort can really get in the way of a nursing mom’s mojo. And dealing with these painful problems isn’t always convenient (as if you have time to sit around with wet washcloths draped across your chest or be down for the count with a heating pad).

Rachel’s Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs soothe pain naturally and discreetly. Made with organic cloth and flaxseed, these portable pads fit right into your bra to deliver hands-free moist heat or cooling relief while you get on with your day. And the reusable, waterproof pouch keeps your clothes dry. (You’ve already got enough leakage to worry about, right?) Simply microwave or pop the pouch in the freezer, wet the cotton layer and attach, insert in your bra, and you’re good to go.

Another added bonus: they aren’t just for those early months when your body is adjusting to nursing. Using Rachel’s Remedy a couple times a day can help prevent future problems from occurring, increase milk flow, and improve let down. Many moms also recommend these handy packs to help with the engorgement that comes along with weening.

Thanks to Rachel’s Remedy, treating nursing pain doesn’t have to be a pain.

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