weeLove: Not all undies are equal

Lock in Leaks

Worry-free Underwear from Proof

Many women have lived (or lived in fear of!) a very specific junior high nightmare: white jeans + a period stain. And even as adults, surprise leaks are still no picnic. Now, thanks to Proof underwear, you can stay dry, comfortable, and worry-free.  

This game-changing underwear looks and feels like a pair of normal undies. But Proof’s patented design uses multiple layers to lock in all kinds of moisture—from sweat to spotting to your heaviest period. The soft, breathable fabric is made with anti-microbial technology to reduce odor and keep you dry and clean all day. There are plenty of great styles and coverage levels to choose from—ranging from 1/2 teaspoon of liquid and 1/2 tampon up to 10 teaspoons of liquid and 5 tampons (they can even help handle postpartum bleeding!). Proof underwear can replace pads and tampons altogether, or be worn with tampons and cups if you need extra protection.

Even more reasons to love Proof: wearing washable, reusable undies instead of going through a monthly stash of single-use tampons and pads is good for the environment. They were also designed with a simple mission in mind: to empower women everywhere to live their best lives. To that end, they’ve paired up with non-profit organizations and grant programs to create positive change. AND if that’s not all, this inclusive brand is for all bodies that have periods, taking into consideration the transgender community’s unique challenges, too.

From periods to pregnancies to tinkles when you sneeze, there’s a perfect Proof pair to (literally!) fit your needs. And better yet… no more scary teen flashbacks.


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