weeLove: Go “Fourth” with Nyssa

A New Mama Must-Have

Postpartum Underwear

Expecting mamas have all heard tales of the dreaded (but practical) disposable underwear provided by the hospital after delivery. Think of it like wearing a giant net… that holds a giant pad… right after giving birth to a human. Not the most enticing scenario, amiright?

Nyssa, founded by three moms, is making postpartum recovery way more comfortable and functional. Their FourthWear™ Postpartum Underwear is super soft and stretchy in all the right places. Better yet, hidden pockets fit a heat or ice pack in the vaginal/perineal area and along a c-section incision for soothing pain relief.

Made from 85% recycled materials, this underwear changes as your body changes. Fold them down or pull them up over your belly button, depending on your postpartum recovery needs. Nyssa also offers a kit that comes with undies, a bralette, as well as heat/ice packs.

And if that’s not enough, Nyssa’s commitment to being a company that champions having honest, open dialogues about what really goes down when one becomes a parent has manifested in a no-holds-barred podcast called “The Unmentionables.” From vaginal tearing to postpartum depression and navigating a new sense of identity, Nyssa delves deep—no topic is too taboo—with various experts to get at the nitty gritty of parenthood.

Postpartum recovery is anything but glamorous. And the “fourth trimester” can feel like a rollercoaster. Luckily, Nyssa makes this wild ride more manageable and more comfortable.



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